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About Financial Engineering

Financial Engineering 1 LLC was incorporated in the State of Florida in 2001 by Jaime Cuevas Dermody to provide problem-solving services and intellectual property of a financial nature. Its office is at 1855 Lake Drive, Delray Beach, FL 33444-3136. Phone +1 561 278-4100, Fax 718 764-4280. Clients included money-center banks, major law firms, large hedge funds and real estate developers, as well, as oil-and-gas service companies. Financial Engineering 1 and it principal do the following:

(1.) provides the "Partnership Representative" or the Partnership Representative's “Designated Person”, as a fiduciary or non-fiducary, for partnerships under IRS Regulation 301.6223-1(b)(3)(ii) in the New Partnership-Audit Rules, which takes effect with partnership tax year starting after 2017;

(2.) develops economically-efficient partnership-agreement modifications, that cope with the New Partnership-Audit Rules;

(3.) creates trade ideas and structured products;

(4.) values financial positions and businesses in sales and bankruptcies;

(5.) measures, and develops strategy to mitigate, interest-rate risk;

(6.) develops efficient domicile and corporate governance;

(7.) teaches financial-product and partnership accounting and taxation;

(8.) evaluate tax lawyers and accountants for firms hiring such; and

(9.) serves of board of directors of financial and oil-and-gas-service firms.

In support of these lines of business, Financial Engineering 1 LLC has expertise in many areas, from mathematical finance to Islamic finance, and has amassed large data bases.