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We have broad expertise in finance. Our particular expertise includes:

  • optimizing financial structures and domicile with respect to enterprise profitability,

  • after-tax active portfolio management for equity fund managers,

  • construction and real-time computation of after-tax equity and fixed-income indexes,

  • Islamic finance,

  • valuation theory and practice,

  • taxation of financial products,

  • the design & audit of risk-management systems,

  • alternative investment analysis

The After-Tax Portfolio Evaluator is a web-based program that computes the after-tax value of any portfolio of equity stocks. This portfolio can contain long positions (shares purchased in hopes the stock price will rise) and/or short positions (shares borrowed and sold, to be purchased later and returned to the stock lender, in hopes the stock price will fall). more >>

The Zero-Coupon Bond Tax Calculator is a web-based program that computes the tax flow associated with any zero-coupon bond. more >>

The Financial Engineering Overnight Federal Funds Rate Index is a web-based program. On any given day in question, this Index equals the value of $100 invested on 1 January 1980, and then reinvested every day at the Federal Funds overnight rate until that day in question. The user specifies the date in question. This program also computes the Index between any two dates after 1979.